Who am I?

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Perhaps I’m just making the common teenage mistake of thinking that my opinion matters, but with all these political and ideological definitions floating around, I have no clue what to call myself. A better question would be, which label am I?

I believe in people being able to do whatever they want to, without being judged. I am pro-LGBT and sexual rights. That makes me a liberal.

I don’t have a problem with people being rich, but I do have a problem with them not wanting to do anything at all for society or just be passionate about any one social cause. I guess that makes me a socialist.

I believe in entrepreneurship and progress in the way things are done, science and technology making lives easier etc. That make me capitalist.

I believe in people working hard and enjoying the products of their hardwork. Hence I’m meritocratic.

I believe in equality between men and women. That definitely makes me a feminist.

I believe in people discovering their highest potential. That makes me a humanist.

I believe in being unconditionally happy and attracting good things into my life by visualizing what I want. That makes me half Buddhist and half LOA believing science hating idiot.

I believe in the government providing certain things free of cost only for the really poor and downtrodden. Am I a communist?

So what am I in total!? Where do I lie on the right/left spectrum?

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