Are we proud? : Reflections after my first gay party

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One of the most interesting and renowned Lesbian TV series, “the L word” has an episode on the gay pride parade in its second season. In it, one of the characters answers “celebrating Pride” when asked what she’s up to. To which, the response she gets is “You mean shame. Most of us are more shameful than proud.”

Setting: California, LA in the early 2000’s. People are talking about shame in a pride parade after party.

Skip to India in 2015: is there pride or is there shame amongst the queer community?

After my first LGBT pride parade that I attended in Delhi in 2015, I got the answer, in it’s after party. Never have I seen so much vibrancy, joy, pride, passion and openness in one single night. I can say without doubt that this was the best party I have attended till now. And mind you, I was a straight girl in a party of 50-70 gay men, so the chances of me enjoying would probably be very low, one would imagine. But that was not the case. I met new people from all walks of life, heard their life stores, exchanged numbers, danced on the table with a transgender man, met (read: flirted with) few queer women and basically explored a different world altogether.

The queer community in India is fearless. There is no concept of drama. Hook up with as many people, go as far, no one judges and no is scared of judgment, unlike the boring straight parties we’re all used to. (Kidding, no offence to straight people)

There is so much that we can learn from the LGBT community. Tolerance, of course is one. But more than that, its pride. Are we proud of ourselves? Odd question because since we’re so convinced that heterosexuality is the “normal” kind of sexuality, isn’t it all the more reason that we should be proud of ourselves?

When we go out, do we really make the effort to meet new people? Do we really allow our self to freely express our desires?

I think not.


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