What makes people conservative?

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We’ve all held conservative views at some point in our lives. But most of us (hopefully) reject them sooner or later, realizing that we can’t project our losses, insecurities and regrets on others- something called moral relativism. In the most literal sense, deriving from such a hypothesis, I/we can say that conservatives are built through sour grapes- the phenomenon of saying something is bad just because you can’t have it. So that would be my response to anyone and everyone who judges others for living their lives freely. Sure, maybe you are genuinely concerned about the safety of your female friends and that’s why you bitch about them when they go out late at night. But maybe, on some level, you yourself want to do the same- let go, have unforgettable fun, but you’re too scared of your parent’s reaction or what society might think or not having any company to take such chances with. Here, an easy coping mechanism (easier than gathering the resources to do what you really want) is to blame the other party. “They are bad for living their lives to the fullest, they don’t prioritize. Look, I get better grades than all of them because I don’t do all this.”

Whatever the hell happened to having it all? Idealistic, but not impossible. What would this person go through on realizing that one of these bad party girls actually has better or as good grades as he/she does? I assume that this would drive him/her into an identity crisis. Therefore, conservatism is nothing but a negative coping mechanism.

What can change this? As corny as that sounds, this person needs to acknowledge his/her true desire, and acquire it. She/he needs to believe that he deserves this thing he/she wants and can get it. She needs to have faith in her dream and go out there and get it, rather than blame others for having all that they want.

So, conservatism to me seems like an idea or philosophy built on envy and sour grapes.

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