Committments and Sacrifices

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I had committed to go to Chandigarh for an open house/outreach project for college this weekend. I had been excited about it for weeks. Little did I know that so many exciting events would come up on the same weekend. Since I had committed, got to travel, and that too for free, I couldn’t cancel. Ended up missing the following fun events:

  1. Tasleema Nasreen, Nandita Das and Urvashi Butalia at Gymkhana Club on 13th Feb – On Thursday when I went to the club, I saw that on Saturday there was going to be this talk for women’s empowerment or something. I had been dreaming about meeting Nandita Das ever since I watched “Fire” (the first lesbian movie in India). Seeing her name there, and realizing that I had to go to a different city and couldn’t see her, I almost cried. Tasleema needs no introduction. I am ever excited to meet anyone who has been banned from any country. I have already attended a talk by Urvashi Butalia since she’s been teaching the YIF at my college.
  2. World Condoms day– this Sunday I had the opportunity to distribute free condoms at CP and give random people little education about gender and sexuality issues. A friend who I had talked about in my post “meeting like minded people” had invited me for it.
  3. Farhan Akhtar’s Concert– missed the UA concert, and the opportunity to see Farhan Akhtar live. I really enjoy his music and his movies!
  4. LSR fest after party– There was someone who I had seen at the LSR fest and wanted to desperately meet. This after party was probably my only chance to meet her, and I missed it as well!
  5. Students for a free for Tibet concert– This was a free concert where my college band and Parikrama were performing. Meeting activists would’ve been interesting and fun.

I got really sick during the Chandigarh trip, so couldn’t go out much to enjoy then. Who knows if I were at home the same would’ve happened and I wouldn’t have even been able to enjoy these outings?

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