How Spirituality/ the LOA would react to Marxism

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The book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne preaches the Law of Attraction (LOA) according to which we must think more and visualize more about what we want, rather than what we don’t want. Most spiritual groups also preach self reliance, and wealth creation through change in attitude. Marxism’s core ideology is based on the idea that there exists inequality. Marxism, in a way, asks the worker class do revolute against the higher land owning or wealth owing classes. This is how, in my imagination, the preachers of the LOA would react to this core idea of Marxism.

These would probably challenge the perspective of feeling unequal in the first place.

  1. The proletariat should think bigger, focus on its dreams and attract what they want. Come out of poverty rather than wasting time revolting against the bourgeoisie. “Don’t focus on lack. Focus on abundance.” is probably what Rhonda Byrne would say.
  1. Don’t be closed to the bourgeoisie. See them for their individual qualities, not their riches. Be open towards them. Seek their interaction, friendship and true understanding instead of having prejudices against them.
  2. Stop with the sour grapes. Accept that you want what the bourgeoisie has and just work hard to get it. Visualize, do the affirmation thing.
  3. Don’t think of yourself as lesser in the first place. See yourself as who you want to be in the present itself to manifest the ideal.

If taken in Marxism’s original direction way, LOA might also prescribe the idea of  visualizing a free society. Believing that it can and will exist. Being optimistic about people’s mindsets changing. i.e Being pro equality rather being anti- inequality. (as the book too mentions being pro- peace and not anti-war)


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