Signs of me “Tuning in”

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I see “tuning in” as a process wherein I start attracting exponential positive change into my life. My attitude and behavior changes in this process. The following is how I usually start behaving when I’ve tuned in.

  1. Listening to music takes me to a different emotional field altogether. All kinds of music makes me happy, almost regardless of genre
  2. I start being extremely optimistic. I always playthe devil’s advocate with anyone whose being the slightest bit negative about anything.
  3. I feel like dancing all the time.
  4. I don’t allow myself to think about the past.
  5. I consciously start having gratitude for everything that’s around me. Even if it’s a sitcom, a car ride, a regular home cooked meal, a piece of furniture or whatever.
  6. I feel very excited to meet people and go out. I especially start taking more initiative to get to know more and more people.
  7. I work on building a positive relation with everyone, no matter how much I disliked/judged them previously.
  8. I am more funny. Humor becomes a part of my ordinary dialogue.

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