Things I didn’t know before reading “The Secret”

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The law of attraction wasn’t really new to me. I knew that a lot of circumstances one ended up in was due to his/her thinking. However, there were certain applications that I wasn’t aware of before reading the book The Secret. I suffered due to this lack of knowledge. They are the following :

  1. Don’t think loss or fear loss
  2. Seek answers and guidance to your questions
  3. Be “pro peace” and not “anti war”
  4. Think there’s abundance of time
  5. Engage in effortless action
  6. Visualize weight loss and don’t think negative while eating. Food consumed in a good mood can never convert to fat (Mitahar as mentioned in Don’t lose your mind, Lose weight too)
  7. You need to be sure of what you want in order to attract it. Its important to know exactly what you want. Mixed signals aren’t good for manifestation.
  8. Think of negative memories as you would want them (those events) to be (how you wouldn’ve wanted them to be)
  9. Negative emotions arnt bad- they make us realize what we do want
  10. Don’t visualize the past, or the same events will manifest again
  11. Competition is useless. There are enough resources to fulfill everyone’s want


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