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I started writing in a personal diary 3 years ago when I was unable to stop overthinking and focus on my tasks/daily life . Seeing that I have interesting ideas and getting excited to share them, I imagined myself writing a book someday. No one goes from a diary to publishing a book, so I started writing on my computer with the hope of taking it forward into a blog. I have been writing in my computer from the past 2 years and finally started this blog right here.

Another reason why this blog is special to me is because previously whenever I had to write essays, stories or opinions, (as for applications) there was always either a word limit, or the compulsion to use euphemisms. There was always a teacher or some authority figure judging what I was writing. However, on my blog I wish to write freely, without worrying about how an authority figure may grade me or think of my views.

The following are the reasons I  write/blog:

  1. Catharsis: Often I’m unable to express certain feelings because I think no one can understand them, hence this blog is to get rid of emotional blockages through expression.
  2. Self awareness/regulation: I often misunderstand my own self and hence writing can help me gain insight into my own self, strengths, lessons so I don’t end up repeating my past mistakes and be my best self in the present.
  3. Personal growth and preserving my wisdom: To transform, grow and change through introspection. To reach my highest potential step by step and empower myself. To tap into the vibes of attracting all my desires. I have always been passionate about transformation and reflection, and here I can overtly do the same. After my first transformation, I gave myself a few “talismans” (used in the Gandhian sense- things that can make one happy) to apply when/ if I was ever upset in the future. These were valuable realizations. However due to lack of accurate recollection, I often fail at using them. So by writing, I am recording and putting down my present day-to-day struggles and how I deal with them and in the process helping the future me decide what to do when in trouble by looking back at my past and perhaps finding answers.
  4. Help others: Reach out to people who’ve had similar issues as I. Helping them deal with such issues through personal growth recipes that I share here. It is a way to channelize my empathy and not keep my new life skills/realizations to myself.
  5. Purposefulness and Inspiring change: To make others think of things they haven’t before, and hopefully, change their attitude about such ideas. I think deeply about issues in culture and society and sharing those insights and opinions here would be a nice way to enter the conversation.
  6. Meeting like minded people: I often don’t find very like- minded people in my environment and through the blog, I can reach out to people with a similar perspective and thinking, thereby finding my tribe.
  7. Preserving my good memories: I love thinking about my good experiences in the past to have gratitude for them, rejoice and reminisce them. Here, I can record them and share them with the world!
  8. Fix my dilemmas: As I ponder over what’s right and wrong, what should be done in a particular situation, I can write about my choices and issues here to make sound decisions for myself.

I would also like to point out that I don’t write for the love of the English language or because I’m a grammar nazi. I write because I like to think and express. Therefore when I get compliments, I’m looking for a “you think so well!”, rather than a “you write so well!”.

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