Coincidences this month

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I usually record these in a personal diary on my computer itself but since my blog is also about my spiritual journey, I decided to share my monthly coincidences here.

The idea behind recording these has a lot to do with serendipity, and Deepak Chopra’s idea of synchrodestiny. According to this concept, every event is related and there are no “coincidences” . All these “related” events are probably connected to a grand scheme of things or one’s destiny.

However, often these seem really insignificant to make a difference to “the big picture”, so these “coincidences” can be better attributed to the “law of attraction” idea. It could perhaps be that because I am thinking a lot about/ visualizing that particular thing, I am attracting it to my life.

They can also just be figments of my imagination and me attributing a completely pseudo scientific theory to explain mere coincidences in my life, but very honestly speaking, they happen way too often in my life to “just be coincidences”. Either way, I enjoy their presence in my life and they excite me.

  1. Vasu Primlani– The first time I saw this lady was on Delhi’s 2015 Pride Parade. She was doing a stand-up comedy act, and I clicked a picture of her. I didn’t know her name then, but after a few months I randomly came across an article written by her and found out who she was, which was a lot of things- an environmentalist, professor, somatic healer, triathelete, entrepreneur. Excited, I posted about her on facebook and the next one of my batchmates at college told me that Vasu is her aunt. I even added her on facebook and she humbly accepted my request. Later, I chose Vasu as my “creative person” for a presentation I had to deliver in my positive psychology class. This is where the big coincidence comes in- One night before I was supposed to deliver the presentation, she messaged me on facebook, asking me to share one of her comedy videos. This was absolutely crazy. I did so and told her that I was delivering my presentation on her the next day and even asked her a few questions!
  2. Broom shake pleasure- One day, I kept thinking about the line “In your snatch fitz pleasure, broom shake pleasure” from the song tesselate by Alt J. I kept repeating the line in my head and at one point felt like clicking a picture of a broom and putting it on my snapchat story or randomly writing “broom shake pleasure” on my snapchat. In the evening, one of my neighbors (I live in a dorm) came to room to ask me where the broom was kept! I was just stunned because I’d been thinking about a broom all day long and someone I barely talk to ask me where its kept.
  3. Anan– This dude is a senior in my college. I just pretty much recognized him by face and didn’t know who he was but ran into him at the Delhi Lit Fest in Dilli Haat once. I was with my friends and my craziest friends, Lakshi told saw him and randomly said to him “Anupriya loves seniors”. And then I hit her and we were all just laughing. After a month (last weekend), I was going to college on a Monday morning from home (I usually go Sunday evenings) and saw him at the metro station! We talked all the way to college and discovered we had similar interests. Since then, I went back to college on Monday morning again and enjoyed his company.
  4. Bahramji- On my birthday, I went to a cafe in Hauz Khas called The Hippie Trail where they were literally playing the trippiest music. When I asked them what it was, they told me Bahramji was the artist. I was fascinated and immediately wrote the name in my phone. The next day, I was reading a ScoopWhoop article about a couple that blogs about their sex life in detail, and when I started reading one of the sample posts, the first line said “Bahramji and Mashti playing on the speakers”. Now I’m hooked to one of his tracks- “Being with you”.
  5. Tame Impala- A friend told me about this artist on snapchat and I took screenshots of his song suggestions. After a few hours, a different dude asked me if I listened to the same artist. Crazy! (sorry for the overexcitement)

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