Changing dynamics in (and due to) social media

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Social media is very much changing lives of millions of people and the following are my observations about its effects under different themes:

1. Therapeutic Humor– These days all these websites and handles are filled with memes. They are more than just humor. They are often generalized, but do apply to a large part of the audience. Relatable posts are therapeutic because after reading them people feel like they’re not the only ones going through all this. These are also feelings and experiences that the lay man/woman feels hard to express in his/her own words, hence reading about them makes him/her feel like their emotions are valid at the same time. Earlier memes were only culturally reflective of people’s lives in the west, but now we have a lot of culture specific humor, for example pages like “The Indian idiot” and pages making memes on Indian cultural realities. Now the Indian audience and users of the internet feel more connected to the platforms.

2. Specific domains for specific needs: Earlier Facebook was there for posting pretty pictures and daily updates. Today I turn to Instagram for pretty pictures and Snapchat for daily updates. I use Facebook only as a source of news, opinions and current affaires. To write about my observation, opinions, ideas and analysis in detail, I move to my blog. So there is a different place for different kinds (themesof expression.

3. Changes due to Blogs:  Blogs give a platform to budding writers and philosophers, they will probably be used to discover new budding philosophers. Opinions and literature are decentralized and easily disseminated due to equal opportunity (as in access to internet, which is actually not universal but assuming it is) and (touch wood) net neutrality. Writers can easily self publish their work, and don’t need to even depend on mass approval, an existing audience or publishers who would be willing to publish them. Blogs may also be a means to read records of others in the future, to find out about history perhaps. Publicity and marketing becomes easy, but because everyone gets the opportunity to express, competition also increases.


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