What does it mean to like people

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I identify as a people’s person and meet tons of people daily who say that they don’t like people. This got me thinking- what does it mean to like people?

I think that liking people has got a lot to do with enjoying company and intimacy.

It is also a lot about liking stories, since when you spend time with people, you uncover their past, present as well as future. Hearing other people’s stories leads to vicarious learning, i. e learning from other people’s experiences. So when you enjoy other people’s stories, their lessons also often become lessons for you!

It is a lot about enjoying difference and the spice that the conflict of that difference (of opinion, background, ideas) can bring into relationships. That spice creates resistance and friction, which can be challenging. This challenge is something that people who like people perhaps enjoy experiencing, for this challenge often harbours growth and tolerance
Finally, I think for any reason that anyone may like people (could be new ideas) , it would boil down to enjoying  learning. Meeting new people and enjoying the company of people inevitable leads to a lot of personal growth, which is why I like people.

p.s- to make it less boring tho, I also love having fun and laughing with people. Outings, get-togethers, sharing good moments makes me feel alive and kickin!

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