Socio-economic systems: Where I get stuck

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I am trying to find my political/ideological orientation. I am dead certain about my socio-cultural beliefs, of supporting liberty- having a state that does not interfere in the private, social, sexual lives of people. However, when it comes to my socio-economic beliefs, I am in a bit of a fix. While deciding, I always get stuck at certain concepts whose arguments I have come across (both for and against). I have not been able to reach a logical conclusion to determine which side I support based on what arguments.

I have a completely unbiased approach because I have not started as a sympathizer of either of the sides. The following are the concepts where I get stuck. I will continue adding to the list as I come across more concepts and confusions.

  1. Historical materialism : Past reparations. Those on the left argue that since throughout history there have been class struggles and suffering due to class differences,society owes these individuals to empower them and consider them equal once again by providing them with more economic benefits. However, those on the right, often despite agreeing that these individuals have been ill treated in the past and society does owe them, also feel putting them on a “higher pedestal” won’t help and that a free economy itself advocates  for equal opportunity, hence allowing them to compete with everyone else in terms of skill equally. To this, the left responds that these individuals don’t have access to as good education opportunities as the higher classes do, and hence their skills don’t win as many opportunities in the job market as the skills of people from higher classes.
  2. Trickle Down effect– This is something that those on the right proudly claim to be the reason why free economies work well- creation of jobs and people becoming more prosperous . While those on the left argue that the trickle down effect is a myth, because often the owner of the business hoards wealth and does not share the profits which can be proved by the popularity of the whole idea of “cheap labour”



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