How I realized I wanted to study Psychology/be a counselor

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From my late childhood to early teenage, I got multiple epiphanies where I realized that being a counselor would be the right thing from me.

In 7th grade, when I had recently learnt the importance of and how much fun it was to be happy (Read here) I felt the strong desire/urge to spread happiness and help others achieve happiness. When I analyzed this desire, I realized that that is the job of a counselor.

The next time I felt like being a counselor was when in 9th grade while I was studying hard for a test and thinking about my career options. My 9th grade days weren’t the best, since I used to overwork myself and had pretty negativistic beliefs about success and achievement. I used to think that it was necessary to feel stressed to be productive and see results in life. Unhappy with my life, while daydreaming about my career options, for a moment, I felt/realized that becoming a counselor was the only way I could ensure that I myself stay stable and happy.

In 11th grade while going through my own anxiety phase, about which I’ll be writing soon, I used to really enjoy studying psychology in school. It used to help me understand myself and the many nuances of dealing with neurotic disorders. I used to read about various psychology researches on the internet for hours each day. I also again realized that I should go into psychology in order to ensure that I don’t go into any negativistic behavior patterns and be able to help people reach their potential. To me, studying psychology also meant studying truth, which meant safety from not falling for cognitive distortions and fallacies.

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