Why Game of Thrones spoilers don’t affect me

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I am at a point in my life where I think GOT is much more than its storyline. Its about the brilliant acting, the plot, the sceneries, the sounds, the setting and the depth of each scene.

Often we re-watch sitcoms, despite knowing what happens next in the story, the most popular example of that being Friends. I think most of us have watched seasons of Friends on repeat without caring about knowing whose going to end up with who or what the next joke would be. Before the new season of GOT came out, I was easily able to do the same with the series. Re-watching season 1, knowing that Ned Start would die, wasn’t the worst thing. It didn’t matter that I knew who was going to die next.

Similarly, if I am behind in a new season of GOT, and my entire facebook feed is filled with spoilers, it hardly bothers me. One reason is that I don’t pay too much attention to them and try not to read them. But truth be told, that doesn’t always work. You always read a little by mistake. Even in that case, I am not bothered. It’s okay if I know that x or y character dies or a or b wins the war. A fantacy sitcom/movie (like even Harry Potter) is so much more than the suspense of what’s happening next. As said before, its about how its shot, where its shot, the exquisite expressions, the acting of the actors, the sceneries/nature, intricacies of the plot etc. I am sure most Harry Potter fans would have also read the books or watched the movies more than once and enjoyed it as much, or perhaps more each time.

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