Difference between Nichiren Buddhism and Brahmakumaris philosophy

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Both of these practices are quite popular at least in New Delhi and I have tried both. I used to religiously watch “Awakening with the Brahmakumaris” and episodes of sister Shivani on Youtube. I even tried to connect to the local practice group in my neighborhood, but they were quite unresponsive. Later, I joined the Nichiren Buddhism group as it was close-by, more organized, had more youth members and relatable. Also, I was a bit familiar with the philosophy because of some quotes my aunt had shared with me when I was small, and even benefited from them. Here’s a comparison of the two practices.

Basis Nichiren Buddhism BK’s
Type of spiritual workout: Chanting Meditation
Object/person of worship: Gohonzon Shiv baba
Perspective on asceticism/material life: Live with balance- take the middle path At a higher level, you do take to a monastic existence, is not forced
Belief in celibacy: None At a higher level. Is not forced
Main mantra: Nam myoho renge kyo Om shanti
Theistic: No Yes


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