How the SGI can improve- My suggestions

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The practice isn’t perfect, and the following some of my thoughts on why.

  1. Many SGI books talk about “The law of Nam myoho Renge Kyo”, not the “law of cause and effect”. They are making a grammatical error while doing this because Nmhrk means “I believe in the power of cause and effect”. Here, cause and effect is the law and the mantra “Nam myoho renege kyo” is a determination to believe in the law/ dedicate your life to it. So, law of Nmhrk would mean law of law of cause and effect”. This grammatical error pisses me off.
  2. This is perhaps an unspoken rule but I heard from one of the members that politicians can not be a part of the practice. This does not really make sense to me, and would affect me in the future (even if it means 10-20 years later), since I do plan on going into politics one day.

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