The Secret & LOA- Common questions

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Q1. Does the secret propagate a certain profession/taste and preferences? (for eg- one must love rock music, be a dancer or something creative)

Ans- No. No tastes and choices are promoted/endorsed. The person is only asked to pay more attention to what he/she likes and less attention to what he/she doesn’t

Q2. I’ve attracted what I want but I’m still not happy?

Ans- That means you’re not actually what you truly want and what will truly make you happy. You’re attracting things that are socially desirable and you are conforming to a norm or misjudging your true desire.

Q3. Does using loa and secret shifters mean I have to suppress my negative emotions?

Ans- Not at all- repression is the worst to block good fortune. The idea is to not think of the bad that has happened and focus on what you would want to make happen NOW and visualize/attract that particular desired outcome. Your negative feelings give you ideas/cues about what you do want and therefore they can be used effectively by you. Accepting the negative situation does not mean conforming to it

Q4. Does following this book mean I have to be liberal and not conservative or vice versa? Does it try to influence my ideological leaning?

Ans- No, this book or philosophy does not endorse any ideology. It requires one to be themselves or what they wish to be. So if you follow conservatism and you wish to be a liberal, you could use the LOA and become liberal or vice versa. Visualize yourself to be the way you want to be.

Q5. Does LOA make it necessary to want to be rich and climb the social ladder?

Ans. No. JUST manifest YOUR desires using the LOA. The book has guidances of how one can manifest monetary desires too but those are to be used only if you have those desires.

Q6. Does The Secret propagate laziness (to only think about/visualize what you want) and not taking action?

Ans. No, it only denounces mechanistic action and promotes Inspired action

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