Why I think Nichiren Buddhism is more practically applicable than other forms of Buddhism

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  1. No need to renounce your attachments: Unlike other sects of Buddhisms suggest, this one says “earthly desires lead to enlightenment”. Take the middle path. Enjoy your earthly desires. Why? Because the philosophy believes that you can be happy at any time, anywhere. you needn’t scarifies anything to be happy
  2. No need to leave smoking/drinking/sex: Be yourself but don’t do any of it in excess. Doing anything in excess is poison. Taking the middle path and living a balanced life is one of the core teachings.
  3. No need to fall asleep meditating: It is much more easy than meditation and pumps you up/motivates you/ empowers you whereas meditation might get boring. Each time you chant, you have to chant either with a new determination or show gratitude. It is easier to master than meditation and more effective in changing your state of mind
  4. No need to be preachy: Be a leader: leading others to happiness and enlightenment is the identity of a Boddhisatva. All those who practice ND’s B are boddhisatvas of the earth. Watch your personality develop and life skills enhance as you grow deeper in the practice. Show proof of the practice by sharing experiences each month and be motivated to be victorious, rather than only preach. We are in fact motivated to show others proof of our practice.
  5. No need to chant mantras you don’t understand: Chant one of the most meaningful mantras ever made: Nam my oho renege kyo means “I believe in the power of cause and effect” which I believe is the most empowering determination in the entire world. It is simple and clear and believing in this can change obstacles into opportunities, poison into medicine.

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