Difference between Spiritual happiness and Regular happiness

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Buddhism often distinguishes between the experience of true happiness and regular happiness. The following are a few key differences that I have noted with their long term effects:

Spiritual/True happiness Regular/Ordinary happiness
1. It is experienced regardless of desire fulfillment or during a pleasurable activity It is experienced primarily during desire fulfillment or during a pleasurable activity
2. Gratitude is always present Gratitude comes on fulfillment of material desire
3. Leads to opening of new doors, application of LOA and expansion of life force, self discovery Leads to no such thing
4. Empathy/compassion rises Not necessarily
5. Absolute and long lasting Relative and short lived
6. Leads to decrease in fear due to systematic desensitization arising from a desire to feel happy One’s fears may stay with him/her
7. Makes you want to focus on the present and forget the past even more No such inclination to move ahead

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