The 3 ways of Living and Doing things- Of Attitudes, Personalities and Success

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The following are different thought processes that people at different stages of their lives posses. These reflect how these individuals work, view their lives, respond challenges and live on a daily basis. We are all in either of these states at different points in our lives. Most of us lie at the “normal lifestyle” level, while more spiritually aware ones are towards the spiritually optimistic lifestyle. This would include people who regularly engage in activities for personal growth, introspect, read self help books or have a meditation routine. Few are on the depressed lifestyle, and to one’s shock, even vary between spiritually optimistic and depressed, due to habits of polarized/black & white thinking (like me,alas!)

LOA/Optimism/ Spiritually charged living Regular/Oordinary living Depressed living
Not just functional, but value creating and highly productive lifestyle Functional lifestyle Dysfunctional living
Mostly highly optimistic Optimistic for the sake of practicality Not optimistic even when its practical (to be masochistic)
Always experience gratitude- even for the littlest things Experience gratitude only for significantly big things that don’t happen often. Not thankful even when good things happen.
Happiness is constant Happiness is conditional Even happy times don’t bring happiness
Failure never gets them down- always get back up, resilient Big failure gets them down. Play it safe with easy risks. Don’t take any risks in the first place
Have high growth rates as a result Normal growth rate, not spectacular Stagnant
Mostly get what they desire because of consistent visualization, gratitude and subsequent action (fighting of obstacles) Usually don’t, sometimes do, depending on how badly they want it. Don’t keep any dreams
Always visualizing what they desire Sometimes visualize, when they really like that particular goal or desperately want it. Not at every desire of theirs. Believe they don’t deserve good things, hence never try.


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