Nichiren Buddhist Quotes for the Perfectionist- Of overdoing things and balance

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Over the years, I have developed the habit of overdoing things. In different phases of my life these have been different activities and interests. I will be writing more about this habit in a separate post.

The practice can help me improve upon this habit since the Buddhist philosophy actively advocates for individuals to live a balanced life and not have unrealistic/impractical beliefs.

Here are a few quotes that talk about the concept of balance in the context of happiness & suffering, as well as doing things excessively.:

  1. Take the middle path– This is one of the main teachings of Buddhism, to not live a life of extremes
  2. Excess is poison– Once a disciple asked Shakyamuni what poison was, and his response was that anything done excessively is akin to poison.
  3. Suffering is inevitable– Even though the whole point of practicing, they say is to be happy and make others happy, it does not deny the existence of the experience of suffering. Rather, it considers suffering as a fundamental, inevitable and unavoidable human experience. 
  4. Suffer what there is to suffer and enjoy what there is to enjoy– This quote really gives one impetus to not try to put their problems under a carpet in their effort to have things “perfect”. It puts the idea of life having various stages, ups and downs into perspective and the motivation for an individual to not get overwhelmed by problems.
  5. The gohonzon knows what’s best for you so even if you don’t get what you want right now, trust the gohonzon and something better will manifest. With all your knowledge, you wisdom is still limited, and the universe has much bigger plans.
  6. Principle of humility– Reduce your arrogance for all the achievements you’ve had
  7. Acceptance- Everything in life won’t go your way, and its better to accept what you can’t control, rather than try to change everything externally.

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