My favorite quotes

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  1. “Feeling is as inescapable as breathing. We all know what happens when you hold your breath” – The shrink in the movie Sibil
  2. “Companies want hungry people” -Atul chacha
  3. “Living well is the best revenge” – Atul chacha
  4. “Learn to learn till you’re 18” – Friend’s grandfather
  5. “Profit is not a dirty word” –mom (I’m sure its originally said by someone else)
  6. “I don’t even bother when I am contradicting myself because a man who is consistent throughout his life is an idiot. A growing person has to contradict himself many times”- Osho
  7. “Gifted people are ahead of time” – Bhatnagar sir, my Psychology tutor
  8. “The biggest thing American hegemony has done is fool you that you need to wear Denim Jeans in 40°C when you have cotton and khadi available!”- Malvika Maheshwari, Political Science Professor at my college
  9. “Climb the right mountain to actually feel successful” (paraphrased)- Robin Sharma
  10. “I don’t like the genre I do,  its not my favorite” – Shorya Shukla, a fellow student.
  1. “Women in India don’t have careers. They have jobs”- Asia head of HR, Citi Bank
  2. “ I am very clear about my political views, I am left of centre and I will always fight the extreme right. I will, for instance never share a table with Sakshi Maharaj.” Vaijju Naravane, Head of the Media Department at my college.
  3. “No one should give you an award or being against the caste system or patriarchy. You should be. Its not just about your principles but how you write them.” – Aruni Kashyap, my former Critical Thinking Professor
  1. “US East was all gays liberalism and west was immigrants. But the mid part was black & white, didn’t have any grey areas. So I went to Europe, where there were priests dying at the hands of prostitutes”- Vaijju Naravane
  2. “It’s very hard to stop giving free things to people when you have been for a long time”Arvind Subramaniam, Chief Economic Advisor when he gave a talk at my college
  3. “I am suspicious of people who volunteer to suffer.”- Arundhati Roy
  4. “Find your academic home”- Howard Gardner in his book Creating minds

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