Nichiren Buddhist quotes on the environment- for Cross cultural crisis

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According to Nichiren Buddhism, the individual and the environment are inseparable. Like the lotus flower blooms and seeds at the same time, one’s karma breeds its results simultaneously. The following are a few concepts/quotes that can be used when one is dissatisfied with his/her environment and seeks an escape. They are especially relevant in the context one experiencing a cross-cultural identity crisis being dissatisfied with the country/culture they belong to.

  • Where I stand is the Buddha land- Wherever you are, is a perfect and peaceful place. It depends on how you take the situation.
  • Change your karma where you are/Your mission lies exactly where you are: Possibility of projection- there’s nothing wrong with the people around you. Something is wrong with you and the way you see everything and hence you’ll find something wrong with wherever you go. Its your fundamental darkness playing out.
  • When something changes within, something changes without- When something within you changes, your environment changes. So you change first, and then the environment will automatically change.

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