What Spiritualists say about the Media 

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Different spiritual gurus have similar opinions about the media, or rather one’s engagement with the same . Most of the times, their goal is to address issues of stress and anxiety amongst adults and hence comment in the context of one’s lifestyle.

  1. They say that you shouldn’t listen to/watch/read the news first thing in the morning for it makes you negative. Getting information about the conflicts in the world right when you wake up can often ruin your mood for the entire day to come. Brahmakumaris primarily have this claim along with some other meditation teachers. They say that you should start your day with meditation and then expose yourself to the news. I agree with that to a large extent.
  2. The media only spreads negativity and hatred and we hence should watch less news. I don’t agree with that because in order to do something good and change the world, we need to be aware of the ills that are going on in the world in the first place. It is a good thought to want to hear good news as well, but naive to expect news channels to cover “more positive news” than negative news. There is nothing such as “negative news”. News is news. It is facts and reality.
  3. We should not look at our phones an hour before sleeping to relax/prepare our minds for a good night’s sleep. This reduces one’s hyper thought process and anxiety. Often social media gives us TMI (Too much information) that at can increase our anxiety . I agree with this to a large extent, but it can be tough to follow if you always feel the need to be connected to everyone. I will address this habit in a different post.


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