Why your Dance & Fitness Instructor’s Life Philosophy matters

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When it comes to dancing and fitness, I have a firm belief that one’s instructor should be energetic, motivated and inspiring. This, however, doesn’t mean that the instructor should be fancy or at an award winning stage, but just have the energy that drives you to give your best. Their happiness they get from their passion is what can drive you to achieve your goals, or even have them in the first place.

When I say life philosophy, I mean their worldview and beliefs. If your instructor is a pessimist, I doubt if they can make you really grow. But, if they believe in living fully, they will themselves leave all their baggage behind and enjoy every moment of the class. They would feel the music, beats and vibe, and in the process make you feel something too.

Endorphins play a huge role in your overall experience and if your instructor’s brain is secreting them, he/she can coach you to feel those juices too! Of course, you have to be seeking too. If you’re generally someone who empathizes a lot and very easily, this won’t be a challenge.

I have come to realize, that it is hard to have an instructor like that. You come across these people very less in life.

My first dance instructor was such. She used to talk about visualization, the law of attraction and many spiritual concepts in class to help us improve our performance. Once in class,  she exclaimed “don’t you think certain people just attract sickness? like they just think a certain way that makes them susceptible to diseases.” Under her mentorship, I really understood what dance was all about- expression and personal growth, and ever since then, I forbid myself to think of it any other way.  She went on to pursue her career, and became a famous dancer, featuring in talent shows and prestigious musicals across the world, and definitely left a place in my heart.

After her, I have been to many classes and met many instructors, but never been this inspired. I often do find that same feeling and energy brimming from instructors in YouTube videos of various routines, fitness exercises and Zumba lessons. However, my heart yearns to train from them in person one day.

I can only hope that people who take up instructorship do it out of passion and a will to make their students feel something and get inspired, rather than like a chore to only make a living out of it. It can be one of the most satisfying professions, if pursued with the right attitude.

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