Dealing with Admission and Job panic- Karma in Work life

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This recipe is derived from the theory of karma that says you get as you give.

  1. Study what you love, giving your best. Be involved in activities you believe in/enjoy. Be honest to your potential.
  2. You naturally get the results in the domains you enjoy and made efforts in. Your resume will reflect your true self.
  3. You attract/get selected to go to a college that wants kids for the particular abilities that you possess. Your philosophy matches theirs.
  4. You continue to be yourself, engage in activities you enjoy and are good at and attract a job in a place that has a common vision as you and with role that suits you.

The point is that you mustn’t change yourself to get into a particular institution or get a particular job- be yourself and go to one which likes you for who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t manipulate your talents, skills and abilities.  If you do, then you’ll not be yourself and end up in a place that you don’t belong to, which will eventually make you unhappy. You wont be getting much out of the place either because in order to exploit it, you need to have enough in common with it’s philosophy.  You may also not deserve to be there and hence be snatching the opportunity from someone who actually wanted to/ deserves to be there.

Your interests, actions, resume and institution’s philosophy need to /should be in harmony in order for you to live your destiny.


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