Determinants of desire manifestation

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A lot of times our desires don’t get manifested despite having them for long (months/years) and working toward them. The following could be the reasons.

  1. Readiness to receive it
  2. Strength of desire- how badly you want it
  3. How sure you are about wanting it
  4. The will to achieve it- how hard you work for it
  5. The intensity/profundity/nobility of desire- weather its connected to the greater good or not
  6. Strength of the belief that you deserve it- whether or not you’re shocked when it happens or you’re just happy but not surprised as you knew it would happen
  7. How honest you are with yourself in your daily life- whether or not you cheat/sabotage yourself or how close you are to your true self
  8. Your reaction when you get
  9. How achievable you believe it is
  10. How aware you are of the law of attraction/karma (cause and effect) and how much faith you have in it
  11. Whether you’re fixated on it or let go of it
  12. If you can live happily without it or not (content people’s desires get manifested more easily/quickly)

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