How Sabotage in work life affects Relationships

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If you’re sabotaging your potential, in your work life or passions, then your relationships will automatically be affected. This is because when you sabotage, you’re not being yourself. Your qualities of ambition, sincerity, planning, strategy, intelligence is not visible to the world. This leads you to pretend to be someone you’re not, and even end up with wrong company since this is giving the universe the wrong signal. It’s an untrue and confusing signal too.

Also, when you’re not yourself, you’re definitely not confident and your self image is negative. Your life condition is also low. This attracts more negativity to your life. You may be offended easily, irritable and angry with your close ones. You would also find it hard to fully appreciate their success and achievements too since you’re not living fully.

Relationships by definition work on the principle of give and take, which is possible only when you have self love and confidence. When your confidence is low, and you don’t love yourself enough, you’re not able to love and respect the other individual too. Therefore, to be able to give in relationships, you need to live by your potential.

It’s tough to start and maintain new relationships as well in this case because new relationships all the more require one to be themselves. The anxiety of the sabotaging individual can be putting off in the new relationships and confuse others about who you truly are.

Hence, In order to bloom in your relationships, you have to know yourself, live by your highest potential and not suppress your positive qualities.


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