The 2 ways of Achieving Success

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We all have different ways of working which correspond to our individual beliefs about success. Mainstream media often glorifies stress and a tough work life as a means of achieving success. However, with the spread of new age thought, many also realize the importance of work-life balance. The following table compares these two ways of working.

Achieving Success or Perfection using LOA/Spirituality Achieving Success/Perfection through Stress/ without spiritual tools
1. Effortless action, comes from within- natural 1. Back breaking action, forced- unnatural
2. Focus is on personal growth- from what the individual’s level was earlier to what it is now. 2. Focus is on a very high ideal result, which is often an imitation of someone else’s potential.
3. Makes one happy and energized 3. Makes one tired and unhappy
4. Leadership guaranteed- everyone wants to work with a happy and confident person 4. Leadership not guaranteed- few want to work with an unhappy person
5. Long term success ensured 5. No long term success because chances of sabotage/giving up are high
6. Personal relationships suffice, grow and bloom 6. Personal relationships are troublesome, stressful
7. Foundation of success is strong. 7. Foundation of success is weak
8. Less chances of sabotage in future since fear of loss is less and work life is balanced 8. More chances of sabotage in future since fear of loss is more and there’s no balance in the individual’s life


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