Trying to love what you hate- Don’t be fooled!

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When you have to study certain subjects that are compulsory, you try to cope with the feeling of “having to do it”, oppression and victimhood by trying to enjoy it. You force yourself to be interested that subject by trying to find things common with it and develop curiosity so that you’re able to “suck it up” and finish doing it more easily.

All that’s great. It’s good to try to make the best of a situation and enjoy it, but be careful to not do it to the extent that you start lying to yourself. Basically, in your effort to be in control of your weakness, don’t mistake it for genuine interest. Don’t misinterpret it as your true passion to prove how much you’ve defeated it. Rather, suffer what there is to suffer, and enjoy what there is to enjoy. Accept it as something you can’t avoid, yet don’t force yourself to make it your passion.

This often happens when one tries to enjoy certain subjects till 10th grade (which are compulsory) and mistake it as something they’ll want to study in 11th and 12th grade too even though they’re not interested in it, just because they’re “able to do it” and its more socially desirable.

This can also happen in the case of an extra curricular passion like art, a musical instrument or dancing. In trying to be in control of one’s weaknesses, they can get carried away and start living a lie, and not even realize it, till they’ve completely lost themselves.

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