Which weaknesses are worth working on?

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Working on your weaknesses can be a great way to feel in control. However, sometimes we misinterpret what these weaknesses are.

When it comes to one’s extra-curricular engagement, we may start taking on to things that we’re not very good at but interested in only to work on our “weakness” and waste time hence because now we don’t have time left for things we are actually good at and things that are important like our responsibilities (studies/work). Even when we conquer this devil, there’s hardly any point because its not who we are.

Time is limited. You can’t be good at everything just for the sake of challenge. For example, even though one’s true passion may be robotics and music, they may push themselves to be good at art as well just to conquer their weakness, thereby not being able to give their best in robotics and music, or studies that are actually compulsory.

So what really passes as weakness?

Buddhism teaches that we all have a buddha and a devil within us (which are synonymous to virtues and vices). The problems that emerge in our environment are nothing but manifestations of our own vices. Hence, life skills weaknesses are what may truly haunt you forever and are weaknesses you actually need to work on. So, work on your vices like anger, anxiety, low self esteem, laziness etc. Don’t try to perfect yourself in hobbies/co-curricular if your interest isn’t beyond a mild amount or unless its necessary (as in compulsory subjects) because those are for self enjoyment and competition will come into play as well. Put your energy and effort into weaknesses that will actually internally make you in more in control of your life, and not just externally. Try to climb the right mountain,as Robin Sharma says.

A counter argument would be that learning new things is fun, but my point here is that one should go ahead with learning new things, but as a function of curiosity about that art/sport/activity, and not as a way of “being good at another thing”. If that’s what ends up happening, its fine, but the initial intention shouldn’t be such, or else you’ll lose yourself. Rather, be whole and complete, and then go off to accomplish whatever you wish to joyfully.

Another reason to not work too hard at one’s weaknesses is that you save time to do things you actually love and put your efforts at excelling in your strengths, where you’ll probably actually see a future career in.


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