Why there is Balance when you’re your True Self

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I realized that all times I was overdoing things, I didn’t actually want to. I wanted to do them normally, but put pressure on myself. I didn’t actually want to make that bad decision to do xyz, but I made myself do it because I put pressure on myself to be a certain way. My first instinct was not to overdo, but it was to do things normally, what felt natural.

Hence I realized that my true self (or my instinct) is balanced. All the stupid things I did in an extreme way, I didn’t actually want to and hence I wasn’t myself while doing them like that. My instinct didn’t tell me do that thing.

So I overdo things when I fear myself. That means I’ll do things normally when I don’t fear myself! So the recipe to do things normally is by not fearing myself.

Therefore, the fear I have of being “Extreme” is also irrational, because I’m not really my true self while doing things in an extreme way.

Balance (as they say in physics) is a state of rest or equilibrium. Even within an individual, if they are themselves, they are balanced, or at their equilibrium. When they get anxious (or rather, obsessive), they lose this state of rest and are not themselves.

So in order to not overdo things and achieve balance, all you have to do is be yourself. Listen to your inner voice while making decisions. If you’re too scared to listen to your voice, work on nurturing your belief in karma. You get as you give. Hence, drop the anxiety, and do you job/karma. Whatever happens, you deserve, and is your destiny.

This way, balance becomes natural and isn’t something you have to force upon yourself. It is a function of you being who you are. Balance is also possible when you love yourself so there’s no need for craving, addiction or obsession.

Balance= True self= Equilibrium

Happy Being Yourself!

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