Who determines what “overdoing” is?

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Often, we have a high amount of passion, ability and potential for certain tasks/activities or fields and when we do them, we may stand out because our interest and ability is relatively more than others. However, can this be considered as overdoing that task?

Also, often, we may do something that according to us is “right”, normal and okay to do, but people around us may disapprove of it because of differing moral notions. For example, this could happen in romantic and sexual situations, where everyone has a different comfort zone, and socio-cultural beliefs can be a major determinant of what’s considered right or wrong by most. So if one’s notion of morality is relatively more liberal, are they overdoing things?

The vice-versa is possible too. The individual may be actually doing something excessively from his/her perspective, but because he/she is relatively not “as good” as others and doesn’t get as a high a result as others, others may not ever notice.
The point is- somebody else’s normal can be someone else’s “overdoing” and somebody else’s “overdoing” can be another individual’s normal! Here, there is a socio-cultural subjective bias.

So what can be considered overdoing finally?

If the individual is doing these tasks due to/while experiencing heightened anxiety, hence “obsessively”, then it can actually be considered overdoing. It’s the individual’s covert experience of anxiety that determines whether it is overdoing or not. This experience is subjective and the individual needs to be honest to himself/herself about whether or not he/she is overdoing things, and not really society/culture.

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