Ideal Work ethic- a 4 stage process

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I made this recipe to demonstrate how a healthy and happy student’s attitude towards studies, achievement and work should be. Educational institutions can play a role in harboring such an attitude that eventually leads to holistic development of the student and productive contribution to the world. However, I do recognize that this is a very ideal theory. The whole “build world leaders” culture could be possible if institutions adopted this philosophy. (Considering that innovation is what leads to lessening of suffering in the world and potential actualization in human beings)

Aim: To make work life/ academics less forceful, compulsive, constrained, limited, pessimistic and more free spirited, positive/optimistic, true, intrinsic

  1. Honest curiosity, Passion, Desire to study that subject: generating interest, no rote learning. Harboring the child’s natural inclination  How? By working on the strengths of that child and not shaming them for their true interests/passions.
  1. Dedication, Commitment, Perseverance: This comes naturally when a child gets an environment he/she is happy in working with since he/she is allowed to work on his/her strengths and discover his/her true potential and be who he/she is. (wow, too many he/shes) “Intrinsic motivation leads to unconditional dedication” is the motto here. He/she doesn’t need to go into self beating to get himself to work and get grades. He/she can be himself/herself and achieve.
  1. Consistency: It becomes natural since the child feels inclined towards studying that subject each day. No last minute drama since he/she study often due to 1 and 2
  2. Contribution to field: innovation, research happens naturally, automatically and intrinsically since 1 is present.




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