Why you should always express/work on your ideas asap

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Often you have the right opportunities or playing field for ideas you have but you don’t exploit them. In such a case, even if its not the right time, at least write them down. That begins the manifestation process. The following are the reasons why you should practice having accurate intuition, fight your fears and go ahead with your ideas as soon as possible:

  1. If you don’t do so in time, someone else might come out with the same idea and your prior intelligence/creativity would go waste. You will regret not going ahead with your idea.
  2. You will not reach your highest potential by keeping it in and also not get the things you deserve, reach your true destiny. (Read karma in the work life recipe here)
  3. Others who know about your capability to produce ideas but inability to express them or take them forward, might take advantage of you and exploit you. They can take credit for your ideas and earn the recognition that you deserve if this becomes a habit.

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