How practising Nichiren Buddhism can also put you in line with the LOA- Similarities between the two

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These are all LOA mechanisms!

  1. The ideal of true happiness– Not being dependent on anything for happiness and being in a high life condition is one of the core beliefs of the Nichiren Buddhist practice. LOA emphasizes on how one must always focus on the positive and experience only positive emotions in order to attract positive thing into their life. It is desirable in both practices to always be joyous even in the tiring circumstances.
  2. Gratitude-. Buddhism focuses a lot on having gratitude for whatever one has, especially the little things in life rather than complaining about what one doesn’t have. LOA too encourages its readers to deliberately have gratitude for the littlest things just to shift their negative energy to positive.
  3. Being one with the Universe -In the Buddhist practice, we chant to connect out (microcosm) to the macrocosm of the universe, and hence be one with the universe. LOA too preaches us to be one with the universe in order to be greater and manifest out desires
  4. Materialism– It’s a Nichiren Buddhist belief that earthly desires lead to enlightenment. LOA too encourage individuals to have their material goals and do after that. In this sense, they are both pro- materialism
  5. Faith-  In the practice, we have faith in the mystic law (of cause and effect) and Gohonzon which reflects our own highest potential. LOA encourages that you have something in life to have faith in (even if its a rock) , in order to shift your negative energy. It recognizes the existence of the placebo effect as well.
  6. Transforming karma into mission– In the practice, we believe in transforming our karma and not merely be aware/ conform to it to see positive results in our life. It encourages practitioners to make novel good causes each day to bring good fortune into their lives. LOA tells its readers to not just be aware of its existence but exploit the power of the LOA to bring good fortune into their lives.

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