Understanding Sabotage and Reasons to not go in that direction

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The following are mostly taken out from the recipe of karma in the workplace (which you can read here),  a few things I read on the internet a few years ago and mostly personal observation. Also, one of the main assumptions is that the sabotage that the individual is doing/experiencing is due to fear of success and overdoing things.

Changing the way you do things to fix the root cause:

  1. Action- You have to take action and do things to even change the way you do things
  2. Letting desire overcome fear: wanting to do your tasks so much that you forget about this fear. That happens when you love your work and are finding yourself. So find yourself and do things you actually love.
  3. Deal with Complacency and expose yourself– being around unmotivated people. Being in the wrong environment can lead to this fear. Change your work/social environment where you can be more yourself and have people who have similar aspirations/ beliefs as you. You will never feel like sabotaging yourself in such an environment and will work towards reaching your highest potential easily. In your current environment, you may already feel superior in most things, which can make people see you a certain way and feel uncomfortable. Hence, move to a more challenging environment.
  4. Use the LOA– Work on attracting what you truly want in your life. This way you’re not indebted to or being controlled by anyone else’s expectations. Life will become easier and smoother.
  5. Lack of getting credit: Visualize yourself getting the reward and incentive you deserve and attract it into your life if the reason for your sabotage is the lack of the same.
  6. Work on your strengths mostly. Don’t challenge yourself in things that you aren’t much into just for the sake of challenge because then that will make you lose yourself, unhappy and eventually go into sabotage. (read why here)
  7. Make a list of things that you’re sacrificing for whichever accomplishments: Figure out a way to do what you truly love and shoulder your responsibilities at the same time so as to be able to live for the good times. Taking the middle path and living a balanced life: don’t overdo things unless really required. (work/social life balance)
  8. Seek solutions: There are better ways to solve your problems than this, only if you look hard enough and go out to search for answers. You can seek those answers while simultaneously working. If you don’t sugarcoat or exaggerate your problems, you’ll find solutions to them much more quickly.
  9. Stop thinking about work- During sabotage, its not like you’re fully involved in/paying attention to the things you’re doing in the moment (like watching tv or chilling). You’re still thinking about work, even if it is sabotaging results and not taking action. So take an actual break.
  10. Find balance- This is essentially what in Buddhism we’d call the karma/fundamental darkness you need to work on. Sabotage is mere avoidance and escapism from facing this issue. So face your negative overworking habits and strive to achieve balance.
  11. Self obsession– People may rever you for your skills, position, growth, whatever, but you’re not that important in their life that you go to this extent to prove something. In fact, they have their own daily struggles, challenges to even care so much about the mistakes you’ve made in your life. So if you truly want to make a difference, you should live your life by your potential and make yourself available to them if/when they need you.

Why sabotage doesn’t work:

  1. Efficient use of time: Use the time that you’re spending sabotaging yourself to emotionally heal and get over all the negative things that have happened and find an actual solution to your issues
  2. Face your real issues: You’ll have to face whatever you’re avoiding someday, which in this case is your true potential. It’s a short term solution and wont work in the long run.
  3. Living your true destiny: You wont reach where you belong or get what you deserve if you pretend to be someone you’re not and therefore you’ll be living someone else’s destiny.
  4. For happiness: You can not be truly happy unless you let yourself discover your full potential- so if you’re sabotaging your performance to be able to experience happiness, that will not fully/truly work.
  5. For the greater good: You can’t defeat the bad guys if you sabotage yourself.
  6. Make a good cause: Spiritually, you’re making a negative cause by sabotaging. This is masochism and self harm. Disliking your ambitious, driven side will only worsen your relationships.
  7. Caution in trying to change yourself: Think twice before you voluntarily reinforce a belief that you don’t believe in, like from wanting to be an ambitious traveller to wanting to be a soccer mom in the future. In due time, it changes into a trait and maybe not a irreversible part of yourself, but still leave you further confused about your identity.
  8. You will feel more and more out of control if you don’t fulfill your daily responsibilities which will worsen your mood and well being.How to transition
  1. The trail of losses-Once you’ve already behave a certain way, you want to be consistent with the past and since you’ve already lost so much, you question what the point of going back to work is since your reputation probably is compromised already. But that is the present circumstance, and you can easily deal with it. The only thing you have to fight is your own confusion about your own behavior and go ahead with your what you want to do in the present.
  2. Coming above– You just have to come above these losses and start living in the present, making decisions in the present, have faith, take risks and find your true game. You can’t find yourself in a day, so have patience and allow things to manifest. For now, it is important indeed to deal with the current situation, since there will be backlog from the past procastrination to deal with, and you may have to put in extra hours to make up for that.
  3. Damage control– However, at the same time, you don’t have to compensate for all your losses from that phase. Even that phase was a part of who you were and reflected some inner feelings. So it’s better to just take things smoothly in the present.

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