Perfectionists’ and Entrepreneurs’ Favorite Nichiren Buddhist principles

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The following principles resonate how these people think/ their beliefs. They constantly want success and profits in their life, hence the practice gives/can give them the consistent reinforcement that they’d love. However, they may also be resistant to joining the practice since/if they already know or follow these principles through other sources.

  1. Changing poison into medicine, obstacle into opportunity, losses to profits
  2. Going from “Why me” to “Try me”
  3. Having Absolute victory
  4. Praying to the devilish functions in life (competitors during business) as people who help you grow and having gratitude for their presence in your life.
  5. Earthly desires leading to enlightenment
  6. Empathy, networking, people skills through discussion meetings- better leadership in office and the workplace
  7. Awakening to one’s Buddhahood or highest potential

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