How Nichiren Buddhism can help one with anxiety

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Many people go through a lot of anxiety and uncontrollable overthinking. The Buddhist practice can help the individual in many ways to overcome this habit:

  1. Regular chanting: Getting a break from obsessive/worrying thoughts due to regular chanting. Your though process breaks and you come back to the present as you chant in the moment. The purpose of chanting is also to realize one’s highest potential and the answers to their problems. It raises the individual’s life condition. In the practice, it is supposed to be done twice a day- morning and evening. It can also put you in touch with your emotions- whatever is bothering you on a daily basis as you chant about your problems.
  2. Faith in karma: cause and effect, understanding and applying the law of karma can eradicate worry/anxiety because it implies that you can only do your own job in the present and not control the future.
  3. Faith in the Gohonzon can reduce anxiety/fear of future. One can give all their problems to the Gohonzon, move on with their life and allow things happen.
  4. Philosophy: Taking the middle path, balance, principles like live in the present, making good causes in the present for a good future, the 10 worlds (the world of Buddhahood and Boddhisatva). See NDB quotes for the perfectionist here

All these work provided one actually applies them to his/her life.

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