Nichiren Buddhism for empaths

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There are some people who can’t help but feel and experience other people’s emotions. They are highly sensitive to negative energy and can often tell how other’s feel. Sometime their empathy can even bring them down and be self destructive if not channelized in the right direction. In such cases, upon realization, these individuals may try to become cold and unempathetic. However, according to me, they should explore their emotional potential fully and not suppress/hide or be embarrassed about this empathy. So how can the practice help them with this?

  1. The Boddhisatva identity– The Boddhisatva identity is to be happy and make others happy. In this sense, the individual whose experiencing heightened empathy can first be proud of this trait because not everyone has it. In the practice, empathy becomes a desirable trait, as opposed to an undesirable one “in the real world”. They can then go out and do activities to help others in order to channelize this empathy with joy.
  2. Chanting for other people’s happiness– If this individual can’t directly help others, they can chant/pray to the gohonzon for this person’s happiness, wisdom, clarity, courage etc as a means to channelize their empathy.
  3. Shakabuku– Dialogue as a path to empathy:  Introducing others to the practice is good karma for you and in this way, you can help these individuals deal with their problems head on, challenge their own karma and emerge victorious. You can also listen to them, encourage them, share guidances from the philosophy with them.
  4. The difference between sympathy and empathy- Unknowingly, even as empaths we might forget the difference. For example, you may start doing favors for this person just because you’re empathizing with them. But doing favors for someone because because you feel bad for them is actually sympathy.
  5. Have faith in them– In this case, believe in their ability to handle problems and deal with situations. See the Buddha in them. They are not as incompetent as you think or they see themselves. You can even help them see this side of themselves.
  6. Balance– Respect your own Buddha, as well as others. You may be experiencing everyone else’s emotions, but are you experiencing your own? You will eventually have to respect your own Buddha and make decisions that benefit you and help you reach your highest potential/destiny. This also reduce’s the possibility of you projecting your emotions on them
  7. Transformation into Leadership- The practice can give these individuals the hope and courage to make this personality trait their biggest strength and use it to win in life.

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