Coming above Losses and Regrets due to Sabotage

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If you’ve had a lot of losses in the past due to your own actions, which could have often been deliberate (on purpose, because you chose to punish yourself or didn’t have the strength/courage to go your way), the regret can be absolutely depressing. If you now miss all that could’ve been yours had you not chosen to behave that way, wondering where you are right now or what you’re doing, then this recipe may help you.

  1. Maybe you didn’t really want those things or they were perhaps/probably never meant to be yours. You’re again keeping extremely high expectations of yourself while beating yourself up about losing these.
  2. Detach yourself from those material accomplishments that would’ve been yours. That’s the test. Being attached to those would yield no good, and make you suffer more for no reason. What’s gone is gone, and this ought to teach you the importance of going ahead with things while they’re there.
  3. Start with whatever (skills, abilities, opportunities) you have now. Let the effects from the past causes settle down, and then redetermine to do whatever you desire to do in the present. You can’t change the past, so you just have to accept it, no matter how “bad” or irrational your actions may seem now.
  4. Going by the law of attraction, dwelling on losses will actually increase your losses.
  5. If you fixate on your mistakes, you’ll end up in a much worse self image and hence life condition, and you will not be able to see reality (yourself as a whole of your positives and negatives). This will make you want to behave more in this manner (self harming) and lead to further losses. The cycle has to end sometime.
  6. You may have come in the way of your own karma/universe/destiny (what was naturally meant to happen) etc, but maybe even that interference by you was meant to bring you where you are now. Maybe even that was a part of the plan/ bigger picture. Your instinct told you to do something stupid for self preservation because it was probably trying to save you from something that wouldn’t have been good for you later.

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