Things I learnt from the Brahmakumaris

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Around 10th grade, my grandmother introduced me to a T.V show called “Awakening with the Brahmakumaris” which was hosted by someone called Sister Shivani. It taught me about psychology, behavior, relationships and coping mechanisms for the first time. in fact, this philosophy was my first encounter with organized spirituality. All of these are mostly quotes by sister Shivani.

  1. Where attention goes, energy flows.
  2. We are too masochistic- we enjoy hurting ourselves.
  3. Past has passed.
  4. I am the creator of my own hurt, so there is no reason to blame others.
  5. Stress, anxiety, anger, sadness etc. are not who we are. These are acquired sanskars. The true sanskars our soul has are power, peace and like 5 others.
  6. Hatred as a ball all of fire analogy- when you pass a ball of fire from your hand to another, it burns your hand first.
  7. Accept people for who they are for we’re all souls on our own journey.
  8. Intensity of people’s emotions vary, some have a very high intensity.
  9. Have so much compassion that you accept/empathize with another’s abusive behavior.
  10. The concept of past blockages
  11. The perfect way of living is when you see things as they are, and not in a deluded/manipulated way.
  12. Faith healing, reiki, numerology etc work because everything is energy at the end of the day, however, the power of thought is much higher than these things. So it is imperative to change your beliefs to be truly empowered, rather than rely on these things.
  13. We carry our past hurt and then project it into new issues and relationships and expect them to work. When they don’t, we blame everyone and everything and then complain that life’s unfair. We could not be further from the truth. One has to live in the present and not hold on to hurt in order to bloom in relationships.

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