Fields in Psychology that I love/enjoy

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  1. Positive psych– Because I am spiritual and love being positive?
  2. OB/Business/ Industrial or Organizational Psych- I am fascinated by concepts like stress, power dynamics, organizational hierarchies, business cognition etc. I’d love to work in a company/organization to make sure its run peacefully, smoothly, democratically.
  3. Social Psych– I have always enjoyed analyzing social groups, hierarchies, assimilation and competition in my own environment. So much so, that I love to even note them down. Often, my intuition and prediction is very accurate too.
  4. Cross-Cultural Psych- Ever since my first U.S trip, and every time I’ve travelled abroad, I can’t help but compare India’s culture with these other countries. Something about cultural differences really gets to me!
  5. Counseling psych– I love counseling people!! High on empathy, eh
  6. Psychology and Politics/Ideology– Jonathan Haidt stuff is absolutely crazy, political motive assymetry. My interest in left/right politics, history and power dynamics usually takes me into a psychological/personality analysis of all the leaders I am studying.
  7. Psychology and economics– Behavioral economics, public choice theory
  8. Applied psychology– I love all applications in general and its extremely interdisciplinary which is what I end up doing all the time

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