Why you can’t enjoy your passion anymore- Of lost Secret Shifters

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We all have those times when we’re not able to enjoy things that we could earlier with abundant joy. This may lead to an identity crisis. I’ve had this with dancing and rock music, however, realized the following reasons in time:

  1. Blockage– You are hurt by shit hence not able to enjoy something you generally would. You’re doing it for the purpose of distraction since too long. Your problem bigger than “distract yourself” and needs to be dealt with directly. Need to forgive, let go, so as to be able to focus on the present.
  2. Novelty no more– Everything novel is more exciting so this is just natural! Everything in life has a honeymoon period. Hence, don’t be scared if you’ve lost interest in the same thing you could earlier die for. Some new interests are on their way! It’s time to explore new things. Take a break and do other things that interest you. Breaks from even your passions are necessary for rejuvenation. For eg., there was a time when I used to live for rock music, and when I lost interest in it, I still pushed myself to pursue it. When I finally stopped forcing myself, I discovered my love for downtempo and how I didn’t mind pop.
  3. ConqueredOverdone it and won in the past, burnout now! You may have had a lot of achievements in this already and don’t feel the need to do more in it since there must be nothing new left to explore in it.
  4. Competition– low self esteem while doing/engaging in secret shifter because others are much better in it and it makes you feel lesser while doing so you feel less confident while doing it and can’t turn to it, which takes away its “safe space” charm.
  5. Society- Somebody disapproves of the secret shifter because they don’t think its appropriate for you to pursue it. This can create conflict and affect the joyous aspect of doing it.

Most of the times, it’s a temporary phase, nothing to worry about and you will be able to enjoy it again soon, but it’s good to give yourself the choice to not do it for sometime as well. In fact, it’s best to not make your passions your identity. In this way, you’ll be less attached to them and live in the moment instead.

Also, be ready to let go of the things you earlier enjoyed. There are new things on their way! Embrace them and go off to find your new self. It’s better to not get rigid/stick to a particular idea of the self and not let yourself grow. Be open to new possibilities of all the things you could be, that’s how abundant abilities flow through. It’s best not to get attached to an ideal self.


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