Why I practice Nichiren Buddhism

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Is it out of compulsion? Not really. Most reasons are because I love the philosophy, but also because of certain fears.

Why I love doing it/ intrinsically want to do it-
1. Joy– Because I absolutely love the ideal of being truly, unconditionally and abundantly happy/joyful. I love feeling good! This is one of the core principles of Nichiren Buddhism.

2. Victory– Emerging victorious from all your challenges and struggles- winning each day and not having any defeats. I love victory, and I love seeing things transform from poison into medicine.

3. Personal growth– I love working on my weaknesses and changing for the better. The practice has a huge emphasis on reaching one’s highest potential.

Why I have to do it-

  1. Losses– For protection. I fear losses. I fear too much compromise and things not going my way.
  2. Self control– To not fall into negative behavioral patterns. I fear losing control over myself.
  3. My habit of worrying/staying in the past– I think too much about the past and future, hence need the practice to keep this habit of mine at bay.
  4. Overdoing things– Through activities like chanting and principles like taking the middle path, I can do things in a balanced way.
  5. Identity and consistency in life philosophy– I have been extremely inconsistent with my identity and life philosophy over the last few years, and I believe that this philosophy is what I truly believe in, hence giving me a consistent way to live by.

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