How a good Business Individual thinks

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The following are the psychological/cognitive process I believe that people with a good business sense have-

  1. Always calculate opportunity cost while making decisions.
  2. Visualize their goals and use their intuitionempathize very well- understand minds- traits and skills.
  3. Always Hungry/greedy for more. Believe in the concept of abundance.
  4. Being contact/connection conscious-always checking on who they know from what field. Crazy about networking.
  5. Always knowing their competition– in the immediate environment initially but, expand to global competition later. Hindsight and observation skills are superior.
  6. Trying to come up with as many original ideas-looking for monopoly, or a first mover advantage in the market.
  7. Learn concepts which can be practically applied- learns through deep level processing.
  8. Street smartness- can see through the inconspicuous. Can figure out how stuff is happening around them.
  9. Constantly think about expansion of empire/influence/power.
  10. Macro social intuition: understanding markets, the world and its functioning (cause and effect).

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