Is it okay to distract yourself from your sadness?

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In the new age (LOA) sense, using secret shifters is desirable as a short term strategy.

But, that’s not always feasible because then you’re not coping properly. It’s mechanical, artificial and means you’ve not accepted whatever has happened.

Don’t immediately distract yourself with fear. Feel whatever you’re feeling for at least some time. Then go into distraction, expression, realization, introspection, action, whatever.

There are often 2 strategies to cope with things:

Going from outside to in– Initially, it is okay to distract yourself. But, this is a temporary and short term solution. It is very important because you can’t immediately get all the right answers. It takes days, weeks, months and sometimes years to realize what really went wrong with a relationship, issue or defeat. Here, distraction works like insight learning (getting your mind off the questions so as to get a “eureka” moment later of the answer). Also note that distraction is not the same as repression. Just because you’re distracting yourself doesn’t mean you’re repressing your emotions. It just means that you’ll attend to them later as you get used to them.

Why distraction is helpful-

  1. Insight learning– don’t have all the answers immediately, the brain gets tired of thinking, rationalizing and trying to figure it out.
  2. Decrease in fear– Leads to decrease in fear due to systematic desensitization arising from a desire to feel happy-Lift you up, Inspire you to move on, feel better, Inspires you to think of creative solutions


Going from inside to out– This happens gradually after you achieve flow in your daily life. Answers come on their own from insight learning, expression, learning from mistakes, figuring out the bigger picture, cause and effect. Then, your actions aren’t just a result of distraction, but a function of joy. But this never happens immediately! It happens after time has passed and you’ve accepted whatever has happened.

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