Envying others because you overdo things?

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When you’re the kind of person who always has to get things right and win at everything, it is quite common to envy how simply others live, without thinking too much and just being calm and cool. You want to be that person.

You don’t always want to be anxious, rigid, intolerant etc. You just want to be in the moment and enjoy things as they are without always interfering and trying to make them your way. You may spend weeks, months or years wondering how to live like that and not appreciate the positive qualities you have, stepping on your own potential.

But here’s the deal- we all have a unique temperament and personality, and we are at peace and comfortable with yourselves when we be ourselves.

So trying to be like these “simpler folks” will only make you more uncomfortable in your own skin!

We all also have different karmas hence and different destinies, so you have to do your karma for it will take you to your destiny, while they’ll continue to do their karma which will land them to their destiny.

When you’re in sync with your true self and your destiny, you’ll stop experiencing so much anxiety, feel calm, light, happy and natural instead.

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