Logical reasons to not hate yourself- Of Qualities and Careers

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The point of this post is to say that all your negative qualities can be channelized and hence guilt is useless.

If you’re too materialistic, you may have good business potential. You can additionally work on being humble as well.

If you’re too empathetic, you’ll make a good leader or contribute well to society.

If you’re too social, and consider yourself to be people pleasing, you may be good at PR, marketing or a job that requires you to be a lot around people.

If you’re too arrogant, you may be good at taking responsibility, getting a job done or being the boss.

If you’re too rigid about rules, you may make a good coach.

If you have specific tastes and preferences, you’ll make a good critic.

If you’re very deep and philosophical, you’ll make a good spiritualist or writer.

If you’re too “nerdy”/bookish, you could make a good academician.

If you’re too “sexual”, you may make a good dancer? columnist? (sorry don’t know many for this one).

If you’re “too much into appearances” and beauty related things, you would be good at fashion.

There are countless such examples, but the point is that anytime one is labelled by society as “too _____” or you label yourself with that, it may not necessarily be a bad thing! It just needs to be channelized.

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