Should you see a therapist while practicing Nichiren Buddhism?

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I believe that the philosophy that we follow in the practice has the power to heal neurotic mental illnesses like depression and anxiety the same way CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) would, however it is still not wrong to seek help from outside.

The philosophy claims that daimoku has the power to heal all illnesses, but that doesn’t mean that one doesn’t see a doctor when there’s a physical ailment, right?

Mental health issues are often genetic and the practice alone may not be able to help individuals with the same hence. Sometimes, spirituality can only help one to a certain extent.

In fact, it is best to not avoid seeing a therapist for too long if you anticipate seeing one believing that the practice could help you. You know yourself best and hence it’s best to not be in denial. There is nothing wrong with getting help and the sooner you talk to someone about your issues, the better.

The practice may additionally help you resolve your issues with the support that it can offer- chanting, monthly meetings, sharing experiences etc., but the biggest benefit you may get is realizing/identifying early that you need help!

In fact, the practice can help you gather the courage to accept that you need help. You may not need advice because the practice and you yourself could hold many answers, but sometimes you need to be able to hear your own voice which venting can help one with. Fellow practitioners are not meant to be your listeners all the time. Hence, a therapist may even just help you apply the principles from the philosophy better.

Just how we’re advised to pray for the health, happiness, wisdom and high life condition of our doctors/ surgeons, so that they’re at their best while helping us, you could also pray for the same for your therapist/ Counselor so that they are at their best while trying to help you. You can also pray to find a Kosen Rufu therapist/counselor- one who helps you reach your highest potential!

Not labeling yourself and fighting the fear of taboo and stigma regarding society’s view of mental health issues is an additional thing you can chant for. In fact, I think that’s the most important.

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